Collaborative teamwork is essential for all the events we organise. Conference management is about working together to achieve a common goal, so teamwork is vital.

During the last 20 years, All Occasions Group has grown to include a team of dedicated professionals all of whom are experts in their respective fields and offer a broad range of skills to our clients.

  • Anne-Marie Quinn
    Anne-Marie Quinn Managing Director

    Anne-Marie has managed and developed All Occasions Group since its inception. She has built the organisation over the past 16 years to a staff of 19 and has attracted an impressive range of major national and international clients. Anne-Marie leads her team with vision and foresight, constantly seeking new opportunities for growth, expansion and development.


  • Jodie Sinel
    Jodie Sinel Sales Manager

    Jodie offers more than 16 years’ experience in senior management roles within the business events industry. She directs the strategic business development of All Occasions Group. Jodie is a dedicated professional committed to achieving business success and client satisfaction.

    Mobile: 0405 674 921
    Email: jodie@aomevents.com


  • Maricel Rigoir
    Maricel Rigoir Finance Manager

    Maricel has worked extensively in business management and accounting roles. She also has a specialisation in Human Resource Management. Maricel’s primary role within All Occasions Group is to manage all financial aspects of the organisation and to oversee the financial management of conferences and events and the travel agency.


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