Expert advice and managment to bring your event to life in the virtual space, allowing attendees to participate from anywhere on any device.

Virtual Sessions

As part of your online experience, you have the flexibility to design a range of virtual or hybrid sessions to keep your audience engaged. These include:

Synchronized Video – A great way to manage speakers that might be in a different time zone, have low bandwidth issues, or just need that little extra boost of confidence to present.

Webinar – A single presenter or multiple panelists, live Q&A, audience involvement through audio and video. Add moderators to keep the flow of questions going. Choose Zoom™ or GoToWebinar™ as your video interface.

On Demand – A way to to share important information like safety videos, site orientation, or announcements that play every time you enter a session.

Live Broadcast – Add a wow factor to your timeline by introducing a live broadcast. Blend live video from anywhere in the world mixed with pre-recorded content or mutiple presenters to deliver rich video content. Add captions transitions and animations for that high quality finish. Stream using vimeo™ or YouTube live streaming™ by simply adding a video link key into EventsAIR and you’re live!


Networking Groups

Similar to how you would set up a live function or networking groups, add a social and informative element to your agenda. These groups can either be facilitated or free flow to get the conversations going. Types of network groups include:

Facilitated groups – create groups of up to four people, set your topic and add your facilitator. To get your sponsors involved, add them as facilitators to run the discussion.

Pre-set groups – assign attendees to pre-set groups like you would when allocating tables based on data captured during the registration process. A great way to get like-minded attendees together. Facilitators can share their screens in these groups to keep the group on topic.

Social Groups –  want to have some fun? Add social groups where you can set your audience in smaller groups with a time limit to encourage to switch between groups and meet new people and exchange contact info.

Exhibitor Marketplace

Managing exhibitors can be a challenge be it in the real or virtual world. Simply set up your exhibitor online portal to capture all the details you need like logos, brochures, bios and video files. Set up your online Exhibitor Marketplace and just go live! Special features include:

  • Exhibitors can have multiple booth staff managing virtual attendee queues
  • Record one-on-one instant video meetings
  • Pre-scheduled appointments can be set and added to your timeline for that important business meeting
  • Exchange contact details, take notes and download exhibitor information
  • Set pre-defined questions to get the most out of the meeting via lead capture
  • Exhibitor listing by category


Provide your authors and speakers a platform to present abstracts, whitepapers and ideas. ePosters, or interactive presentations, give your presenter control of the number of attendees invited into their presentation, share their screen and commence their presentation.

  • Up to 40 attendees per ePoster group
  • Multiple presenters can be presenting
  • Private messaging between audience and speaker(s)
  • Take notes during presentation
  • Group chat between presenters

Meeting Hub

Want to meet up with other event attendees? Join the Meeting Hub and request a meeting. The other party can accept and start a video chat. Features of Meeting Hub include:

  • View and filter attendees
  • Contact exchange to swap details
  • Send merge personalized documents after meeting
  • Auto do not disturb during sessions, functions and other meetings
  • Do not disturb setting

So much more than a webinar

OnAIR provides all the functionality required to turn virtual events into reality, including registering for sessions, meeting matching, plenary and speaker sessions, lead capture, sponsor advertising, live Q&A and polling, plus so much more.

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