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Whether it is a small virtual meeting, an interactive workshop, or a large multi-session conference we can help you create and design a solution.

Drawing on our extensive event management experience, we can design and develop a suite of technological solutions tailor made to your organisation.

All Occasions Group can offer a virtual conference solution. When you can’t meet in person, our team can support your virtual event marketing and management needs to get the most out of your online event. Whether companies wish to sponsor and/or exhibit at your conference, they can explore options to interact in person and online with delegates on many levels. Experience versatility through such things as virtual galleries and showrooms, live Q&A sessions, online networking, creating an instore virtual sales session or explore dedicated “Zoom rooms” for links and conversation with company representatives to further product and industry knowledge.

All Occasions Group are renowned for tenacity and adaptability, especially under pressure and now more than ever inventing the future by working together on exciting virtual initiatives and solutions.

The current climate has shifted the way we meet and how we engage in knowledge exchange. This is an ideal opportunity to consider a wide range of reliable, affordable, and flexible tools to help connect with your audience. This can start as soon as the delegate has logged into the conference online and enters the “Virtual Lobby”. Sponsor signage and click through windows of those companies exhibiting taking the viewer on a 3D Virtual tour of the business. All of a sudden, you and your guests and delegates are able to explore so much more all at the convenience of the office chair!

The exhibition component of your event (whether in a hybrid or fully online) will include the opportunity for sales and networking through a virtual exhibition floor. Consider options of virtual decals on the floor and walls of a presentation space, product placement through a presenter talk or plenary session or even hold slides or video before a speaking spot begins. The options and opportunities are endless, and our experienced team are ready to assist.

Considerations for a virtual space:
• What’s the secret to engaging audiences online?
• Extending audience reach, national and international
• Do you want to extend your exposure to more companies?
• How do you advertise through hosting online workshops and Q&A sessions?

We focus on maximising attendee engagement, seeing tangible returns on investment for sponsors, and allowing streamline and seamless communication across the globe. Our dedicated team will ensure that throughout the planning and delivery journey your event is meeting desired objectives – producing an outcome memorable for all the right reasons.

All Occasions Group have all your event technology covered. Our suite is fully integrated which will increase efficiencies, save you time and overall enhance the planning and event experience.

To discuss please contact our team member Rebecca Gabriel:

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